Monday, December 15, 2008

How many dollars do we spend a week on things that we don't need?

It’s simple:

$1 = clean water

for 1 person

for 1 year

One $5,000 well = clean water for 700 school children in Latin America for 7 years.1

$5,000 ÷ 700 ÷ 7 = $1.02 per person per year.

One $15,000 deep well in Africa = clean water for 2,200 people for 7 years.

$15,000 ÷ 2,200 ÷ 7 = $0.97 per person per year.2


Do it. It adds up.


  1. A hand pump lasts an average of 7 years before needing repair. A repair might be a new set of seals in the pump cylinder. It might be a full well rehabilitation. We do all that stuff too. Then for the next seven years water is really cheap.
  2. Some are $40,000 wells with submersible pumps, tanks and water kiosks for 5,000 people. Some are $3,000 wells for 400 people. You take all those numbers, shake them up, and pour out $1.00 of clean, pure water for one entire year.

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