Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Abolition is happening. Thank you, Lord.

Seven little girls who deserve better than they've gotten are being sent to this new Love146 "Round home" where they will be loved, cared for, and taught how to live and function in society as a human instead of a product. Hopefully they will learn they're incredible value and importance as well. Pray for those little girls.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


What happened on a weekend 2000 years ago is thrown around (in Christian circles) so much that it is incredibly easy to lose sight of the significance and magnitude of it. I was realizing that today during worship. Realizing the weight of what was done for us.
As I sang "Jesus conquered the grave," it hit me how indescribably amazing and unprecedented the life, death, and resurrection of Christ is. All of the corny Christianese phrases: "Jesus died for your sins," etc. etc. have a way of desensitizing us to that. They have a way of making us get used to the knowledge of His death and our subsequent salvation; like getting comfortable in a hot tub that burned your skin when you originally stepped into it.
The fact that God wrapped himself in flesh, lived a perfect life, and died a brutal death, all out of a deep, pure, ineffable love for people who were yet sinners, is an amazing thing. Like He said himself, few people will even dare to die for a righteous man. Yet our God, perfect, and deserving nothing less than perfection, died for us while we were still dirty sinners. It is a love that we do not - cannot- understand.

And how sad that we allows that to take a backseat to anything and everything. Homework, relationships, theological debates, political disagreements, insecurity, jealous... there's an eternal list of things that we would let overshadow our Savior and His redeeming life and death. We have momentary highs of realization and understanding, but those are just islands in a sea of apathetic self-serving choices and movements. Our lives should be in constant reverence and humility under the shadow of the Almighty God that is powerful enough to create the universe and yet is loving enough to care about us while we were yet sinners.

This Easter, remember Jesus and His death and resurrection. But beyond that, let's take a shot at making our every waking breath be in awe of it.