Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm currently sitting in the classroom waiting for the fifth and last class of the day to start. It has been one of those days where you wake up with heavy eyes and slow-moving limbs and they never really go away. Note the bloodshot eyes.

Once I get home I'll have about ten minutes and then it's off to an hour of worship practice with my junior highers, followed by an hour and a half of worship practice with my high schoolers. Draining day.

On a more positive note, I finally integrated Steven and Adolfo into the highschool worship program. I'm so excited for them; they are amazing guys with a great deal of raw undeveloped talent and great hearts. I can't wait to see them grow as musicians and leaders.

p.s. love146.org met their goal of raising $5,000 on valentines day for safehome building. Such a wonderful thing to hear.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

RIP Lee Walton

This is one of those things that you could never see coming in a million years.

In seven years of seeing someone almost every day, I could not tell you one bad thing about that guy no matter how hard I tried. He was always supportive (even of the younger guys that most older players trashed) and managed to be a respected and loved team captain without ever being harsh or a jerk. He was always kind.

I try to imagine what it must feel like to find your life so unhappy that you would rather end it yourself than have it continue. I try and fail. I wish I could understand what would make such a wonderful guy so miserable.

Lee, you may be gone but your memory is not. Thank you for making me feel comfortable as a home schooler coming into a competitive public school water polo team. Thank you for editing our highlights videos. Thank you for buying me lunch the time I forgot my wallet. Thank you for being an indispensable part of a great time in my life. Thank you for being who you were.