Tuesday, March 3, 2009

RIP Lee Walton

This is one of those things that you could never see coming in a million years.

In seven years of seeing someone almost every day, I could not tell you one bad thing about that guy no matter how hard I tried. He was always supportive (even of the younger guys that most older players trashed) and managed to be a respected and loved team captain without ever being harsh or a jerk. He was always kind.

I try to imagine what it must feel like to find your life so unhappy that you would rather end it yourself than have it continue. I try and fail. I wish I could understand what would make such a wonderful guy so miserable.

Lee, you may be gone but your memory is not. Thank you for making me feel comfortable as a home schooler coming into a competitive public school water polo team. Thank you for editing our highlights videos. Thank you for buying me lunch the time I forgot my wallet. Thank you for being an indispensable part of a great time in my life. Thank you for being who you were.

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