Saturday, January 10, 2009

Writing spree

Since I started writing songs, I've had a track record of writing them extremely slowly. My critical nature, especially when it comes to art (and ESPECIALLY when it comes to music) makes it difficult for me to stamp something of mine with my approval. So in the past, it's taken me literally months to complete songs. (If ever. I have a whole album worth of incomplete songs that either got violently 'scratched' or just gradually faded away without ever being finished.'

However, lately this has changed completely. In the past month or two, I have written six songs (which, ironically, is exactly the number that I had written in ALL the time previous to that not including LFTE songs... about a year). Lately, I have written songs in a day or two, or in a couple of cases, in one sitting. Music and lyrics. This is absolutely unheard of for me, and wonderful.

They're not only being written faster, but differently as well. I'm writing lyrics and music simultaneously (in most cases) instead of one before the other. I'm doing this mainly because I have always had my primary goal be to convey a clear and consistent emotion and message in songs that I write; I want the words and the music to mesh emotionally so that they music supports and contributes to the meaning of the song. I want my songs to be honest and carry weight and meaning. I hope I'm accomplishing that.

Sooner or later I may work up the gumption to throw up some rough recordings/video/lyrics of the songs for some feedback(?)

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  1. Good to hear it man, it's always tough to finish a song.

    I'm definitely all for you posting some of them too, the stuff I've heard you play has been great