Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thank God for financial aid fee deferment. Thanks to good old Calgrant A, school this semester is going to cost a whopping $470! An incredible blessing, especially because my family has an incredible amount of bills that we are strugglin' to pay at the moment.

Also, by buying books online I saved myself about 126 dollars, which is no small amount considering the total cost from the Spartan bookstore would have been 335. Still a bummer to have to spend 200 dollars, but I'm happy that it at least cost less than it would have originally.

Also My awesome schedule happens to work so that I only have to make the trek up to SJSU twice a week. And that's with fifteen units of classes! It should be an interesting bunch of classes this semester.

The time for me to put my foot down about what my future career path will be is coming a lot closer.

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