Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Life is good.

It seems like lately everyone's response to "how are you doing?" is usually "Busy!" I'm no exception in that regard. I have a lot going on, and am having trouble staying on top of it all, but when I look at all of the things I'm doing, I can't help but recognize each and every stressor and responsibility as an incredible and undeserved blessing.

Roughly one and half semesters of college left until the bachelors of arts in psychology is mine! Hardest semester of my life, but SO packed with valuable knowledge and understanding.

Worship through music at Incarnate Faith has been on a steady upswing - in terms of the technical quality of our music, the response and involvement of the congregation, and my own personal excitement and passion. Even more than I always have, I am starting to long for the feel of steel strings under my fingers, the mesh grill of the microphone on my lips, and the inexplicable outpouring of emotion from my hands and lungs that worship has become for me. I am so blessed to have this.

Warehouse work has turned into Guitar Tech work at Morgan Hill Music, and it is another huge blessing to have the direct instruction of a professional luthier. I am learning so much about the instrument I love.

And OF COURSE my incredible new Fiancee is dominating my mind constantly, as are plans for our wedding. I am so blessed to have this girl. I could never put it into words.

Between all of these things, as well as my family, leadership at iF, and occasionally sleeping and eating, my life is busy. But, it's like I said: life is good.

Life is good. And life is good because God is good. I am blessed.

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